Arduino has launched the Oplá IoT Kit for IoT development. The company promotes it as the first open programmable IoT development kit, which allows even beginners to build IoT devices without complications.

This kit comes with several access interfaces, from web panels to the app for Android and iOS.

Projects ready to implement with Oplá IoT Kit

The kit comes with 8 ready-made projects to turn home PCs into smart devices. The eight projects available to control home equipment through the app are the following:

  • Remote Light Control — Change color, lighting modes, and on/off
  • Personal Weather Station — Record and monitor weather conditions
  • Home alarm system — Detect motion and trigger alarms
  • Solar System Tracking — Get information about the planets and moons in the solar system
  • Inventory control — Product entry and exit tracking
  • Smart Garden — Monitor and manage your garden
  • Thermostat control — Intelligent control of heating and cooling systems
  • Thinking of you — Send messages between the kit and the Arduino IoT Cloud platform

With these 8 projects there is enough to start. Four of them – remote light control, personal weather station, smart garden and thermostat control – come out of the box. The rest of the projects are a bit more advanced and can be monitored and controlled using the Arduino IoT Cloud platform.

Over time, more projects will be released and published in tutorials, including those developed by users themselves on the Arduino Project Hub.

An easy to use kit

Since it doesn't require the use of a soldering iron, this kit is great for beginners, but experienced users will be able to get a lot of use out of it.

The kit is based on the Oplà unit motherboard, which includes a color OLED display, temperature, humidity, IMU pressure and light sensors, capacitive buttons, buzzer, colored LEDs, 24V relays and an SD card reader. It also includes a connector for a battery, with a charging circuit, making the kit completely wireless.

On the other hand, the kit also includes a MKR WiFi 1010 board, a plastic cabinet and two external motion and humidity sensors. Since this board offers interchangeable connection interfaces, in addition to WiFi it can be connected via GSM, LoRa, NarrowBand and others.

The kit is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, which allows you to control devices with voice commands.

A very convenient aspect is that with the purchase of the kit, a 12-month subscription to the Arduino Create MKR Plan is included, with premium access to the Arduino IoT Cloud platform.

What Fabio Violante, CEO of Arduino said

“When we created Oplà IoT Kit, we wanted to design a platform that would allow anyone to have access to a hands-on learning experience to gain a full understanding of IoT, and I think we've really achieved that.” "It's a great kit for building custom devices and getting creative, no matter what your level of knowledge or experience is."

Fabio Violante – Arduino CEO

“With this release, we are taking another step in lowering the barrier to entry for IoT development and I can't wait to see user-created projects dedicated to connecting devices both at home and at work.”

Fabio Violante – Arduino CEO

In this link you can access the Arduino market to purchase the kit.

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