In this video tutorial I show you how to install your own MQTT server in the cloud. In this way you will be able to send and receive MQTT messages from any IoT device connected to the Internet.

The MQTT server that you will set up will allow you to test your devices. It can even be used in some small IoT solution, where you have to keep operating costs very low.

In order to follow this tutorial, I recommend you open a Digital Ocean account with this link, with which you will get a credit of 100 USD for two months. This way you can test the platform for free.

If you still don't know what protocol to use in your IoT project, here is a Article where I talk about the differences between HTTP and MQTT.

And if your intention is to have encrypted communications, which is always a good idea, do not miss this other Article, where I explain how to add TLS encryption to an MQTT broker installed on a Raspberry Pi.

iot raspberry pi

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