I present to you my first book: “Building IoT Visualizations using Grafana”

It has taken me a year to write it and it has been a great effort. But the truth is that in the end it has been very gratifying to see it published.

In order to write this book I have done extensive research on all the topics I deal with. In addition, all the examples in the book have been verified in practice. This has taken me a lot of work, since I have had to implement numerous labs, which have included servers, applications, hardware, etc.

In this book I show you how you can use Grafana and other free Open Source tools to implement IoT systems.

In the book you will find very diverse topics, such as IoT protocols, installation and configuration procedures, visualizations, analytics, system integration and much more.

IoT Grafana

I invite you to visit the amazon store so you can take a look.

And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to write me at info@iotconsulting.tech.